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EnVision Apartments: Stupidly Fast WiFi

Epproach’s customer service has been outstanding, and the conversion was seamless. The new service has done exactly what we wanted it to and more. I highly recommend the Epproach solution to any apartment community looking for the best possible service available.

– Brandon Luck, Property Manager at EnVision Apartments

Internet service–particularly WiFi connectivity–is becoming a sought-after amenity in student housing. Students need fast, reliable WiFi at all times, both inside their units and across the property. The success of your WiFi connectivity and speeds can make or break an apartment community. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the story of EnVision Apartments, where the decision to switch to an Epproach Managed WiFi Solution transformed the community:

Before Epproach: A WiFi System that “Wasn’t Functioning”

EnVision Apartments is located in the heart of Akron, OH, across the street from The University of Akron. Home to hundreds of student residents (many of whom are enrolled in online classes), the community required an internet network that was fast and reliable for each resident. But before Epproach, that wasn’t the case.

The previous system we had was about 5 years old. Basically it wasn’t functioning. Streaming services weren’t working. Residents weren’t able to get their homework turned in on time. I dreaded internet issues. I dreaded dealing with it. It was an everyday thing.

– Brandon Luck, Property Manager

Major Issue: Slow Speeds.

Student residents use a significant amount of bandwidth every day – it is estimated that by 2020, student residents will require over 10 gigabit speeds. This is certainly the case for EnVision Apartments residents. But before the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution arrived, speeds were seriously slow. Residents were up-in-arms, especially when streaming services, such as Netflix, and online classwork were unable to be completed due to the slow speeds.

Major Issue: Lack of Support.

Another major issue for EnVision property staff and residents was the lack of a reliable support team to address and correct service issues. Minor issues would sometimes take “3 or 4 weeks to get repaired”, according to Brandon Luck. What’s worse: residents had no way of directly contacting technical support. Each time, residents had to go through property staff to contact their provider for service — a loss of productivity for the staff.

With the old service, people would have to call us and then we would have to contact support for them. That was always difficult.

– Kori Andress, Leasing Agent

After Epproach: “Stupidly Fast” WiFi



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