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Student Housing Community WiFi Solutions

The most important thing in student housing has become the Internet.

And the second-most important thing is the Internet.

And the third most-important thing is the Internet.

– Richard Holtz, CEO of Infinisys Electronic Architects

Student residents demand fast, reliable Internet speeds. From streaming Netflix to completing schoolwork online, students are increasingly dependent on internet connectivity–not only inside individual apartments, but throughout the community as well. Property management companies are taking notice, investing in high-speed, community-wide internet services for their residents. But with hundreds of residents connecting with multiple devices at any given time, internet networks can become slow and unreliable, unable to keep up with the large volume of traffic. Student communities need a Managed WiFi solution to adequately provide fast, reliable service to each resident.


The Epproach Managed WiFi Solution


The Epproach Managed WiFi Solution is a three-pronged approach to providing WiFi service. It’s proven to be the best, most reliable internet solution for student residents. By designing custom WiFi or hardwired networks for each property, proactively monitoring and managing those networks, and providing 24/7/365 enhanced customer support to each resident, our team of certified professionals make it easy to provide such a sought-after amenity. If you’re already convinced you need better WiFi, contact us.


pro installation

Epproach begins with BICSI certified technicians designing a network that is custom-built to your property. Each network is designed with the needs of each individual community in mind. Everything from the placement of the AP radios to the distribution of bandwidth is configured and implemented in a timely manner.

No touch solution for residents.

Badged and licensed members of the Epproach installation team install enterprise-grade equipment throughout each property. This is done in the most efficient manner possible, with little to no inconvenience for current residents. Each modem/radio is placed in a secure, clean environment, flushed to the wall inside of a recess panel. No need to worry about residents tampering or removing the equipment–with Epproach, residents are given a “no touch” solution. Curious as to how we install our equipment? Take a look behind the scenes.

I’ve worked at several different properties where I observed the process of WiFi installation, and it can often be a headache. The Epproach installation has been by far the smoothest and easiest process I have been apart of.

– Amy Chick, community director of Ardmore King’s Grant



Epproach provides enterprise-grade Managed WiFi networks that are proactively managed and monitored 24/7/365 by certified technicians. Our technicians are able to distribute the proper bandwidth across all community networks, giving each resident fast, reliable Internet speeds.

Personalized WiFi networks for residents.


Epproach is able to provide personal VLAN networks to each unit in a community. For example, a resident will be able to connect to the CommunityWide Network as well as their own UnitSpecific Network. This allows for all of a resident’s devices to communicate with each other, enabling wireless printing, Apple TV Airplay, and Google ChromeCast streaming.

I’ve lived at apartment complexes before where my roommates and I couldn’t really use the WiFi all at the same time. But with the Epproach WiFi we definitely can. It’s been great, especially for downloading music and doing schoolwork.

– Cecilla, resident of The Lofts at Randall



We at Epproach value the relationships we build with our customers. What makes the Epproach solution stand out from other competitors in the industry is our commitment to 24/7/365 customer support, which takes many forms.

In-House Team of Certified Support Technicians.

Epproach’s in-house team of support technicians are dedicated to ensuring that each community receives the best possible care. Support technicians are able to remotely access and diagnose internet issues as quickly as they appear. Each property is assigned a lead technician that is directly responsible for support and service, guaranteeing that each call or request is handled appropriately and efficiently. Meet our support team!

I have always been impressed with this system – it has performed basically error free for about 1.5 years, and it has performed as advertised. Equally important, I have been totally impressed with the Epproach support staff. Their attention to details for their customers’ concerns, and their in-depth technical knowledgeable is commendable. HATS OFF to you and your well run company. So nice to deal with an efficient company that addresses the needs of their customers in a fast and efficient manner.

– Gary Larson, property manager of Pine Knoll Townes Resort

Smart WiFi, Smart App: Communiqué.

The Communiqué App from Epproach Communications is a state-of-the-art enhanced support feature that is included inside the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution.

App Overview

Brand the App as Your Community’s Own. Too expensive to build your own App, or too complex to support your current one? Don’t worry. The Communiqué App is flexible–it can branded as any company name, with any logo. Residents will simply have to search for your company name to download the App. Plus, the Epproach team provides 24/7/365 support for the App, maintaining and monitoring its usage at all times. Learn more.

WiFi Management Tool. The Communiqué App streamlines communication and services between Epproach, property management and the resident, opening up direct lines of communication between each one. Epproach support technicians can send proactive notifications to residents and staff, alerting the community to any WiFi issues. Property management can activate or de-activate a resident’s WiFi account. Residents can submit support tickets from directly inside the App. This open line of communication eliminates the common frustration among residents of being kept “in the dark”. Learn more.

Unified Communication Service. The Communiqué App is first and foremost a tool that allows property management to communicate with their residents in a fast, efficient manner. By combining texts, emails, and App notifications into one cohesive service, the App enables property managers and staff to keep residents updated and in-the-know at all times, a priceless service in student housing. Learn more.

Trust with your residents is built around openness, honesty, consistency, and respect. The Communiqué App from Epproach is a device that enables us to create those conditions with our residents. They know we hear them, they know we’re listening, and they know we’ll respond. It goes down to the heart of our relationship with our residents.

– Sterling Kelly, CEO of Burkely Communities

WiFi (e)Portal.

The Epproach Customer Portal (e)Portal is another enhanced support feature provided to property management and residents by Epproach.


The Epproach Portal serves as a one-stop shop for all of your WiFi needs. Residents can update their passwords, request support and check status of support tickets, and chat live with support technicians. Property management can monitor the status of support tickets from each resident and view property-wide WiFi statistics–like community usage stats, top programs used by residents, and top APs across the community. This information can help you to better understand your residents and their WiFi usage.

Request a free demo of the (e)Portal today, or contact us to learn more!


Stupidly Fast WiFi

We don’t mean to brag, but our WiFi is pretty great. Epproach has a proven track record of success since its inception in 2004, and we are consistently building upon that record with each new property. It’s become apparent that fast, reliable WiFi is an amenity that can make or break an apartment complex. Don’t believe us? EnVision Apartments, a student housing property in Akron, OH, had slow, unreliable WiFi. Residents were up-in-arms, and property staff were at their wit’s end. Then, Epproach stepped in… and it all changed.


The fast, reliable WiFi system Epproach implemented at EnVision transformed the community, drastically increasing resident satisfaction and increasing productivity among property staff. It even led to an increase in renewals by over 50%! We’re serious. Check it out:

EnVision is just one example of the many properties that have been transformed by using the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution. Take a more in-depth look at EnVision’s experience with Epproach inside their profile video. See other testimonials from our happy clients.


Epproach is the Best in the Business

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Epproach’s unique Managed WiFi Solution is the best in the industry, complete with a dedicated team of certified professionals that truly care about your property and its success. No other company can offer the enhanced level of support we provide.

We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, providing services to properties nationwide. Over 100,000 people use our networks each day.

Still not convinced Epproach is the right provider for your community? Take a look at the benefits of Epproach’s services from the perspective of a property management company owner:


So, what are you waiting for?